Low temperature storing

Gate Link provides services upon storage and handling of cargo at warehouse with temperature and low temperature mode:
«minus» – storage under temperature from 20?C below zero till 0?C
«chilled» – storage under temperature from 0?C till 18?C above zero
Warehouse is equipped with low temperature cells (from 18°С below zero till 20°С below zero) and multitemperature zones (from 0°С till 18°С above zero), which afford to create individual cells with regulated temperature and self-contained regime of air moisture control.
Below services are provided:
– Filmage: package in stretch film
– Unloading and accounting of products under SKU, parties, expiration date, quality status etc. in automated warehouse system by barcodes scanning
– Preparing of cargo passport
– Freezing
– Producing/gluing stickers
– Providing additional package.