About us

«Gate Link» LLC is a warehouse operator of new modern logistics complex level A+, which has no equal in the South of Ukraine.Warehouse was put into operation in the beginning of 2015. Total area of warehouse facilities is 16000 sq.m. Temperature mode of warehouse: not lower than 14?C above zero in winter, and not higher than 25?C above zero in summer. Working with our company you will pay only for actual storage, there is no need for you to take fixed storage area and pay monthly rent for it. You will pay only for that cargo quantity, which is really stored in our warehouse, according to daily basis.

Gate Link provides not only unloading, handling, bulk storage, but also high-level rack storage, sorting, stickering, re-packaging of cargo, cross-docking. 

Separate work scheme is done to proceed complex of warehouse services concerning export cargo stuffing. Main categories of cargo, for which such service is important – grain groups, wood groups, metal and other general cargo groups. Our company collaborates with several railway terminals and port stevedore companies. Each of this complexes possess own unique functionalities, which give ability to be flexible to each client’s needs. 

In addition to warehouse operations, Gate Link can organize delivery of your cargo as on Ukrainian territory, and outside the country. Applying to Gate Link, you’ll receive full range of logistic services.