Cross – docking

Nowadays most of large manufacturers and trading companies use system of cross-docking. It allows to increase efficiency of cargo movement and speed of delivery, and also to reduce time of production cycle. The main advantage of cross-docking – is speed. Cargo doesn’t stay in warehouse and there is no demand to pay for it’s storage. Cargo from supplier arrives to warehouse, where directly at loading-unloading zone orders for distributors and shops are created. Orders are loaded from warehouse in few hours.
Gate Link can offer below variants of cross-docking:
– Transshipment – concurrently unloading from one vehicle and loading in another. In fact only vehicle replacement takes place, without cargo unloading into warehouse.
– Deconsolidation – delivery of cargo from one supplier to few final consignees in one vehicle. Deconsolidation includes sorting of cargo, loading in several trucks, delivery to several final consignees

Gate Link applies this technology according to cargo specificity, suggesting most efficient solution to each client.


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