Advantages of warehouse in Odessa

Working with Gate Link, you will save costs on logistics.
Traditionally most of warehouse capacities in Ukraine are concentrated in Kyiv and Kyiv region, which is not so relevant nowadays. Gate Link warehouse, which is located in Odessa, is targeted first of all on importers, who receive their cargo by sea, and on clients, who deliver cargo by trucks from Europe, who have distribution in South region. The big advantage of warehouse location is an immediate proximity to port; it gives possibility to reduce costs on delivery across Ukraine, and as a result – cost reduction on all logistics.
Convenient geographic location of our warehouse allows also to decrease lead-time: goods are faster available for clients. After customs clearance container is delivered to warehouse and is ready to be sold. After that goods are delivered by trucks to clients’ warehouses. Due to cargo delivery by trucks from Odessa warehouse, it is easier to save costs on transportation. There is no need to ship container from port to hubs in Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Lvov or Harkov (accumulating warehouse), and then deliver it to other regions by trucks. Cargo is unloaded in our warehouse and distribution is done directly from Odessa.